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As of March 2021, I and my boutique firm Bill Bigler Associates, will change emphasis from being a fee-based consultant and outside resource to one of being an independent researcher. I have reached that stage in my career, after thirty-six years of strategy consulting and intermittent work as a tenured strategy professor, where I think a change is needed. I think my biggest value now to the practice of competitive strategy and wealth creation is as an independent and practical but rigorous researcher. I conduct this research using the same frameworks and diagnostic tools as I did before in consulting. This time I will not be asking for fees but only asking for some time and energy from participating executives and managers in each research project. I will be announcing from time to time the intent to start a new research project on some aspect of the intersection of competitive strategy and wealth creation. I plan to do survey studies and case studies on individual firms, both supplemented with financial and valuation data. All work will be free to participating firms as well as the receipt of the outputs from the research in the forms of reports, white papers, etc. Thanks for reading. Bill Bigler