Our fees and our costs for our Offerings/Deliverables will be offered to you at a fixed price and a fixed time to deliver to you – five weeks after the start of our work together for our Diagnostic offerings. The timing for other engagements will be agreed upon and fixed. This puts the risk of the cost and timing of our deliverables on us. We reject the normal model of time and materials as this puts the risk on you. Have you ever experienced cost overruns and delayed on time delivery from other vendors?

Our Promise: We will work together before starting a project with you to demonstrate that you will realize an increase in annual profitability that is a multiple of the fees you pay us. In the off chance this does not happen, I will refund my portion of the fees collected. Please see the Typical Results section of the website.

Our Value Proposition to You: We lower your Time to Improvement and/or Time to Leverage New Opportunities via suggested prioritized initiatives along your Business Performance Improvement Roadmap and/or your Innovation and Growth Roadmap. Both are contributors to growing the market value of your firm relative to peers or any other agreed to comparison group.


   Our Average Experience*
1. Top Line Revenue Growth 4 – 15%
2. Gross Profit % of Sales Increase .75 – 1.0 point increase from prior measure (ex. from 75.2% to 76.2%)
3. Net Profit Margin % of Sales Increase Due to Price Point Improvement .25 – 1.0 point increase from prior measure (ex. from 5% to 6%)
4. Net Profit Margin % of Sales Increase Due to Cost Management .5 – 1.0 point increase from prior measure (ex. from 5% to 6%) Adding these two net profit increases would be from two points (ex. from 5% to 7%)
5. Capital Avoidance 10 – 30% reduction in capital spend
6. Agility of the Firm 50% Decrease in the Response Time of Your Firm’s People
7. Risk Management 5 – 10% Reduction in insurance premiums for insurable risks
8. Growth in the Market Value of the Firm 3 – 25% (Large variation we realize but this is reality)

* For projects lasting two to three years and represent increases over a prior period baseline starting measure. Net profit numbers are pre-tax net profit as a percentage of sales.