Interim CEO

I, aided by an extended team formed of alliance partners, can fill the role of Interim CEO in appropriate established company situations. Here are the attributes of those firms and situations where I can add value for two or three years or even a more extended term:

  1. Are businesses with physical manufactured products.
  2. Are businesses where the founding principal(s) are inventors and have not had the occasion to learn and apply best practices in strategic plan or business plan formulation, assessing and positioning against competitors, preparing forecasted financial statements, preparing presentations for investors and leading and managing larger groups of people via a process orientation. These fine folks’ passion is in the product(s) they have invented and could use some assistance.

I work in these situations for a much lower base salary as cash is usually an issue and in the right circumstances take an equity position via sweat equity.

I would be honored to discuss this role in your firm if you think there is a need.