Kinds of Executives Who Will Value Our Offerings Now

If you are the CEO or an executive officer of a larger mid-size company or a business unit(s) of a larger corporation or a Managing Director of a Private Equity firm and have one or more of the following attributes and needs, I guarantee you will value our offerings. This is based on my thirty years of working with over eighty different kinds of firms in a variety of industry settings:

1. CEOs who have been newly appointed, especially hired from the outside, and who will be or are in their first 90 days and who want an additional affordable, quick hitting resource to achieve their assessment of the firm.

2. Boards of Directors who desire to provide their fiduciary responsibilities more efficiently, effectively and quickly.

3. CEOs who have begun to think about selling their firm and who need to build the best business case for as high a valuation as is warranted.

4. CEOs who have a very geographically disbursed group of executives and managers (usually an international group of business units) and there is the desire to get everyone “on the same page” from a strategy viewpoint.

5. CEOs who have recently escaped a serious shock to their firm, from the inside or outside, and who want an independent set of eyes helping perform a comprehensive but quick hitting Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats scan and resulting action plan.

6. CEOs and executives who have high preparation standards and enjoy leading and managing from a fact and evidence based approach. These CEOs abhor leading and managing based on monthly fads and by “flying through the seat of the pants”.

7. CEOs and executives who have been convinced that innovation and top line revenue growth (the ability to charge premium prices or hold prices in down markets and growing quantity produced and sold) are the only way to succeed in today’s world and they are just starting these efforts or who have had stalls.

8. CEOs and executives who have just started a strategic planning process and need an additional resource or those who have been disappointed with recent efforts at strategic planning.

9. CEOs and executives who have never used strategy and general management consulting because they felt the cost was exorbitant. We agree and this is why we are changing the business model. You should be able to demand and get quality, timely and very affordable assistance to help you produce results.

10. CEOs and CFOs who desire to grow the market value of their firms in order to lower their cost of capital to fund growth beyond funding with internal free cash flow.

11. Managing Directors of Private Equity firms who desire assistance in managing and growing the value of their portfolio of firms.

As I mention elsewhere in our website, I would be glad to have a no-cost initial discussion of your needs and how we can help.