New Offering – Environmental Carrying Capacity Analyses

We are excited to announce a new offering. Your firm’s Environmental Carrying Capacity (ECC) is the degree of ease of competing in your competitive space. High ECC environments allow diverse competitors to co-exist and thrive and grow. Low ECC environments exhibit Darwinian survival of the fittest tactics and dynamics.

Why is ECC important? Our research over the last thirty years shows that the nature of your firm’s ECC is strongly linked to what dominant strategic thrust your firm should be pursuing. High ECC environments mandate Innovation and Growth via all forms as the key dominant strategic thrust. Low ECC environments mandate Protecting the Base Business and Current Margins as the dominant strategic thrust. We capture the firm’s response to its ECC in our Business Performance Engine. Some dimensions of your ECC can change in as little as eighteen months.  Your dominant strategic thrust must change also to be in alignment. The real value here is gaining insight into a changing ECC before your rivals do and changing your dominant strategic thrust way before rivals even notice the dynamics.

The ECC is unique to us and is a compliment to Porter’s Five Forces analysis and PESTEL external scans. Our ECC construct includes fifteen dimensions that are analyzed and scored. We plan to invest in all key global economic and demographic data bases to help with our analyses. We will collect primary data as well.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this offering and how it can help your firm.