Notes on Growing Wealth in the For-profit Firm 2019

January 2019 will mark the eighth year of writing articles about what increases firm valuation for the for-profit firm. We have an exciting year plan and I hope you will continue to follow this series of articles and comment on them. The comments are very appreciated and help me learn. Best regards, Bill and the team at Bill Bigler Associates.

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Nagging and Unanswered Questions for Strategic Management: Why Can’t We Solve These? – Part 1

This article will discuss seven of the most challenging questions that I have dealt with in firms over the last thirty years simply as examples that shed light on the purpose of this article. And that is why there are so many answers to the questions for the field of strategy conditioned with “it all depends on the context” or “it all depends on the nature of industry maturity”, etc. I thought we would have had clear guidance by now, so it is surprising to me that these remain perennial problems.

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In Response to the Business Roundtable New Statement: A Practical Model for Growing the Valuation of For-profit Firms – Part 1

This article was in development before the week of August 19, 2019, when the Business Roundtable (BRT) announced their new statement of purpose of the corporation. Thus I think this article and others like it are even more important. The new statement by the BRT, in brief, is that shareholders are no longer the sole recipients of financial value created by publicly traded firms. Other stakeholders will be participating in that value as well.

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Competitive Strategy As a Framework for Making Trade-off Decisions to Get From Now to the Future: A Discussion and Disguised Company Example

There are at least hundreds of definitions of competitive strategy for for-profit firms. In my view, the useful differences in definitions are based on changing contexts for businesses, not from someone trying to re-invent sliced bread. My favorite definition of competitive strategy from the context or lens of making strategic decisions is below. This definition has been suggested by several strategists including Donald Sull of MIT and is:

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Time, Speed and the Process Revolution: Why Are These Disciplines Disappearing?

In 2019 time and speed are still important operational and strategic weapons for firms. Just look at Amazon moving to next day and now same day delivery. But the very rich disciplines of process innovation and process management seem to be disappearing in many or even most firms. This article, part of my series on what causes the valuation of the for-profit firm to increase, will in part be a community call to confirm your experience that indeed these rich disciplines are disappearing. If so, why? Is this a problem? I believe it is a problem if my recent observations are correct.

Can You Diagnose the Strategic Health of Your Business In Twenty Minutes? I Think You Can And Here Is How You Can Do It Via a Free Survey

There is an accompanying slightly more in depth article just published in LinkedIn titled “Diagnosing the Strategic Health of Your Firm At Lightning Speed: How You Can Do It”, but if you would like to go to the survey directly, here is the link