Diagnostics Under Development

We are developing two new timely diagnostics and they should be ready sometime in early 2017:

1. Your Firm’s Innovation Capabilities – innovation in the established firm continues to be a high priority certainly in the United States but also in Europe, Asia and Central and South America. This diagnostic assesses your firm’s readiness and mandate to continue with or start innovation processes and activities. It also will reflect the Lean Start Up movement, as these principles of entrepreneurship are being used by more and more established firms.

2. Leading Your Firm By Private Equity Disciplines – the Private Equity industry is still growing rapidly. These firms acquire established firms who have good enough brands and products but due to a mix of barriers are under-performing relative to their potential. Should your firm take on the disciplines that Private Equity managers use to quickly add financial value before your firm might be a target for acquisition? This diagnostic will assess whether you should take on these disciplines now and what this would entail if you do.