Our Uniqueness

We are a full service strategy boutique. But everything we do revolves around the thinking and clarity that comes from our Diagnostics. You may choose to not use our Diagnostics in favor of other more pinpointed services, but the “secret sauce” that is at the foundation of our diagnostics infuses everything we do.

Would receiving your Business Performance Improvement Roadmap or your Innovation and Growth Roadmap, two of the deliverables included in our affordable and quick hitting diagnostics, in no more than five weeks after the surveys are completed be of value to you? Not six months or a year, but five weeks? While they may be out there, we do not know of another resource firm that can deliver our kinds of Roadmaps on growing your firm’s market value like we can.

Our methods are driven by improvements in your speed, your cost to deliver, your quality and the customer value and customer satisfaction you provide.

In essence we help you “drive a wedge between your cost to deliver and your customers’ willingness to pay” with an organization that is fast and agile. That is, we help lower your input costs while at the same time increase (or hold steady in down markets) your customers’ willingness to pay in terms of the prices they willingly pay.


Yin-Yang Diagnostic Approach

We can spend productive time upfront if you choose in unique and rich diagnostics followed by two kinds of roadmaps of proposed winning projects from the diagnostics. These diagnostics have been perfecting over the last thirty years. The foundation of our diagnostic approach is portrayed in the Yin-Yang Model above, and it rests on a foundation of applied academic research and practice in the field over the last thirty years. This foundation includes a unique point of view about root cause Enhancers and Detractors to increases in your firms valuation. Please see  our White Paper titled “Vital Diagnosis” for a discussion of the Yin-Yang approach to our diagnostics.

The Yin-Yang model approach is most effective in increasing the market value of a firm because it goes beyond diagnosing symptoms (topical causes): it diagnoses root cause issues. Without it, company solutions can be incomplete and in many cases, firms can diagnose the wrong things. As we have seen in previous company examples, this can lead to a huge waste of money, time and energy.

We can discuss more if you like, but this foundation is unique to us as far as we can tell. We find this is a feature very few resource firms offer their clients, at least based on our competitive scans to date. We have several testimonials for our diagnostic approaches and tools found in the Welcome and Testimonials part of the About Us section.