Business Performance Improvement and/or Innovation and Growth Roadmaps

A customized version of the 4Bs chart (Getting Better, Getting Bigger, Getter Broader, Getting Bolder) based on one or more of the Diagnostics plots Top Priority Initiatives along a time line of execution as Your Business Performance Improvement or Innovation and Growth Roadmap or both. If your business has short term improvement priorities, we title the Roadmap Business Performance Improvement. If your business has longer term priorities, we title the Roadamap Innovation and Growth.bpe-initiatives


  • These roadmaps are furnished as part of the Diagnostics upon completion of any one or a combination of the diagnostics above. For a very deep and rich “Growth Check”, all three diagnostics should be undertaken. We recommend the Robust Competitive Strategy and AAME for GOLD diagnostics in year 1 and the Business Performance Engine diagnostic in year 2.