Welcome and Testimonials

Welcome to Bill Bigler Associates. We:

  • Are developing to be a full service strategy boutique serving CEOs, their direct reports and other executives and managers and boards of directors in for-profit firms who are accountable for sustained superior performance and increases in firm valuation. We do this by providing a variety of quick hitting, affordable but valuable “Growth Check” diagnostic tools and approaches and other services listed in the Offerings section of this website. We aim to serve larger mid-sized for-profit firms, business units of corporations and firms in a Private Equity portfolio of firms.
  • Provide from our Diagnostics your Business Improvement Roadmap and/or your Innovation and Growth Roadmap. These portray the few critical sequenced initiatives for results improvement.
  • Can deliver on projects that focus on known challenges, opportunities or problems you have now.
  • Can help you resource your new strategic initiatives with internal talent or outside vendors to deliver on initiatives outlined in your Business Performance Improvement Roadmap and/or your Innovation and Growth Roadmap.



Greg Silverman, CEO and Founder at Concentric, Inc, February 2018:

“Bill’s thought leadership and diagnostics for disciplined strategy execution have helped me greatly. I use Bill’s strategy execution diagnostic tools since I have first read them his 2004 book.  They have helped me as a consultant at PwC, Global Practice Leader at Interband and as CEO in my current role. The New Science of Strategy Execution helps assess winning strategies and remove barriers in execution  at world class levels of speed. The reality of strategy execution issues are still ever-present and I think Bill’s practice will help firms desiring to drastically improve their strategy execution efforts”


Bryan Perkins, then Head of Strategy and Business Development, Parker Aerospace (part of Parker Hannifin Corporation), January 2009 and now President and Co-CEO Novaria Group, a Private Equity portfolio of firms:

“As a corporate manager of strategy and business development, I am pleased to write this letter of testimony in reference to Dr. William Bigler, his strategy practice, and his uniquely developed diagnostic tool sets that enable organizations to fully understand, align, and value the impact of solid strategy practices”


Bill Jackson, former Chairman of the Board of Nitro Security, May 2005, (my service on the Nitro Board prompted the development of the Business Performance Engine diagnostic):

“Bill is a consummate professional with an impeccable record of objective achievement in all he does. He is a delight to work with and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every engagement. I recommend him without reservation”


Matt Rose, September 2002, then and currently CEO and Chairman of Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad:

 “(The AAME for Gold Survey) is designed in survey form so that the maximum amount of information can be gained with the least amount of time and effort possible from each participant. After reviewing the survey, the process and its potential value to us, we have decided the effort is worth our time and energy. This same survey has produced value for firms like Target, Carnival Cruise Lines and others”


As you know, driving increases in firm valuation require seasoned knowledge and experience in at least firm strategy formulation, operations excellence, innovation, new product development, strategy execution and risk management. Please see my bio for an overview of my training and 30 years of experience.

We would consider it an honor to be a partner working with you. To start I would be glad to have an extended no-cost initial conversation with you to begin to assess your baseline situation, think about improvement potential, if any, and how we can be of assistance.


Bill Bigler

Founder and CEO