Forthcoming: Business Performance Engine University

Recall our Business Performance Engine (BPE) diagnostic is our most comprehensive diagnostic. It assesses thirty Drivers of Total Shareholder Return for the publicly traded firm or firm valuation for the private for-profit firm and how to set stretch goals for improvement. This revolutionary framework also measures fifteen Dimensions of a firm’s Environmental Carrying Capacity. This is the degree to which the competitive space allows competitors to co-exist and thrive or whether Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest tactics dominate the behavior in the space. There is nothing like it in the world that I know of.

This diagnostic has been in development for 13 years. I first developed it when I was on the board of directors of Nitro Security in 2003, which sold to McAfee in 2011. If all goes as I expect, we will be launching the Business Performance Engine University that will offer an online curriculum for global reach. We plan to offer a professional certification, tentatively titled the Business Performance Engine Professional or BPEP. Please stay tuned for further updates at