Vision, Mission, Values and Purpose

Thanks for spending some time with us. Regardless if we work together, we feel you will learn a lot perusing our website and the best of success to you and your firm.

Our Vision

BBA’s vision is to convince every firm in the world that prudent diagnosis and prioritized strategic and operational change are vital for business success and increases in firm valuation. Your doctor does this for you. We think you should do this for your firm as well.

Our Mission

BBA’s Mission in 2018 is to be the recognized global leader of the emerging field of strategy and private equity diagnostics and related consulting services by 2024. Indeed we are at the forefront of developing this field.

Our Values

BBA’s Values are:

Objectivity and honesty – we are not pre-loaded to find things wrong with your firm and will not sell you un-needed products or services.

Practically Rigorous – we love attention to detail and practicing from evidence and facts. But we do not perform overkill either.

Insatiable Curiosity – about what really drives increases in firm valuation. This informs our constant self-development mandate.

Speed – we abhor bureaucracy and any other impediment that prevents timely results for our customers. Our timely service helps our clients get as quickly along a path to value creation as is prudent.

Confidentiality – we are a trusted business advisor and everything we do remains confidential. We sign confidentiality agreements willingly.

Value – we will work before the start of an engagement to demonstrate that the benefits of our work for you will be at least five times the fees we charge. If this cannot be demonstrated we will not engage to work with your firm.

Our Purpose

BBA’s Purpose is to help the key decision makers in our clients’ firms  live a less lonely life at the top and for their people to have the confidence their firm can provide a sustainable livelihood for them, now and into the future.