Can You Diagnose the Strategic Health of Your Business In Twenty Minutes? I Think You Can And Here Is How You Can Do It Via a Free Survey

There is an accompanying slightly more in depth article just published in LinkedIn titled “Diagnosing the Strategic Health of Your Firm At Lightning Speed: How You Can Do It”, but if you would like to go to the survey directly, here is the link

Here I want to hopefully interest you to spend twenty minutes with a free and anonymous survey that I believe will give you key insights into the strategic health of your firm. This version is a drastically excerpted survey (just four questions) from the two referenced in the newly published Linked In article to give you strategic health insights and implications for action. But I feel you will get the essence of the “meat” of the two more detailed surveys. What do we all gain from this? New, but anonymous data and insights about strategic health of for-profits firms.

The benefits gained for clients over the last twenty years from the more detailed surveys have been strategic health insights around four areas: customers; strategic initiatives; the suite of executive, operating and support processes and their speed, and the amount of re-work within these processes; and the barriers that might be in the way.

We think the drastically abbreviated form of the survey presented at the link below, which includes the latest developments of our thinking, will give you the “minimum necessary and sufficient” insights and implications for action as well.

We will create an aggregated, anonymous report presenting averages of the four key measures of strategic health and what the Implications are for your firm. You can do this by comparing the responses for your firm to the average responses that will be provided.

Here is a little more background on this excerpted survey copied from the article:

I and my colleague Iman Kouvalis have prepared an anonymous and free survey in Survey Monkey for you to take a Quick Strategic Health check for your firm. Consultants can take the survey using a recent client’s information. The survey is four questions that take just seconds to read, but you will need to ponder each question. Thus the survey will take about twenty minutes to complete. The body of the survey has key definitions and discussion of the four measures from the four questions. You can save and return to the survey if you like.

Don’t worry; you will not get a marketing call or email from us, as we are collecting no demographic information with the survey. Our purpose here is to learn together about this vital topic for for-profit firms, not marketing our services.

If you are the CEO of your firm or the manager of your department, you might also ask your key people to spend twenty minutes with the survey as well and forward this Post to them.

If you have any questions please email me here on LinkedIn, at or call me at 214-284-6006.

Thank you very much.

Dr. William Bigler is the founder and CEO of Bill Bigler Associates. He is a former Associate Professor of Strategy and the former MBA Program Director at Louisiana State University at Shreveport. He was the President of the Board of the Association for Strategic Planning in 2012 and served on the Board of Advisors for Nitro Security Inc. from 2003-2005. He is the author of the 2004 book “The New Science of Strategy Execution: How Established Firms Become Fast, Sleek Wealth Creators”. He has worked in the strategy departments of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Hay Group, Ernst & Young and the Thomas Group. He can be reached at or